As an oral surgeon in Ithaca, NY, I understand intimately the issues facing our health care system. I will bring solutions to Washington that benefit consumers and New Yorkers - not the health care industry.

I want a health care system in the US that includes coverage for every American. The current Federal (Medicare) and state program (Medicaid) needs a drastic organizational and financial overhaul.

New Yorkers need an immediate relief from high monthly premium costs that were pushed even higher by recent federal laws.

I will propose legislation that dramatically regulates the health insurance industry and levels the playing field for individuals, families, small and large businesses, which includes health care practices.

Other health care issues I will focus on include:

• Reduce obesity and improve good nutritional awareness.

• Fund community low cost fitness centers that promote exercise.

• Push for aggressive elementary, middle and high school curriculum that educates our children on nutrition, diabetes and overall healthy lifestyles.

• Incentivize research and funding on disease prevention.

• Legislate safe importation of prescription drugs.

• Oppressive regulation for health care practitioners makes it more cumbersome and expensive for providers and patients. My legislation will strip some of the power from Health and Human
Services and return it back to Congress, so voters will have more say in the health system.

Kirsten Gillibrand is in the top 10 among all US Senators when it comes to receiving money from the influential insurance industry lobby.

Gillibrand has voted against encouraging the safe importation of prescription drugs and she has not written an amendment that will cap monthly health insurance rates.

How can Gillibrand legitimately overhaul the health care industry when she is receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in PAC money? The answer: she can’t.

US Senators should never serve on a committee and be allowed to receive money from that industry’s lobbying group. Currently, a US Senator can sit on a health care committee and write legislation that directly impacts that industry - then receive money in return. This conflict of interest is currently destroying our political system.

A Congressional member’s spouse should also be better scrutinized for insider trading or unethical trading practices while that Congressional member is in office. Currently, spouses are not scrutinized, allowing Congressional families to profit from the political system.

We need to amend the Constitution, reversing Citizens United (the Supreme Court decision that defines corporations as a citizen).

We also need to abolish PAC money and get rid of campaign victory funds, where lobbyists are legally allowed to write tens of thousands of dollars in checks to elected officials.

These are the first steps in campaign finance reform.

Kirsten Gillibrand ranks #1 when it comes to receiving money from the Financial, Insurance, Lawyers, Real Estate lobbying groups in 2012, according to That’s right. No other US Senator received more lobbying money in those industries than Gillibrand did in 2012. She also ranks #5 when it comes to receiving lobby money from Commercial Banks in 2012.
In 2010 she was #1. Click here to see She receives large PAC money donations from the worst polluters in the US.

How can a US Senator represent consumer interests when these influential industries are paying her money to write legislation in their favor? You don’t pay money unless you expect something in return and in Gillibrand’s case, she is repaying the favors.

We can jumpstart the sluggish economy by creating jobs that repair our aging road and highway infrastructure. We also need legislation that helps companies and manufacturers that make products in the USA, beginning with components for renewable energy sources. In addition to creating jobs, this alternative energy policy will also keep our environment cleaner and healthier. The current trade laws have led to massive job losses.

I want to revamp the manufacturing model of the past and bring it into the 21st Century. Letís get rid of Free Trade agreements and make products in the U.S.A. such as renewable energy sources. Click here for my proposed jobs bill.

Kirsten Gillibrand has not introduced one jobs bill during her time in the US Senate. Her website touts jobs bills and legislation introduced by other Senators.

She also hasn’t created an environment that will entice alternative energy companies to relocate to New York.

I want a national ban on hydrofracking, (also called hydraulic fracturing), a method for extracting natural gas from shale rock deep in the Earth.
Hydrofracking threatens our air, water and climate. It is also an environmental disaster that is waiting to happen.
Where I stand on this issue is very clear. Let’s end it.
Dangers of Fracking
This shows that spills happen

Kirsten Gillibrand is on both sides of the hydrofracking issue. She promotes hydrofracking as a economic boon for New York State. She has never called for an
absolute federal ban on hydrofracking.

As a parent of a disabled child, I am intimately aware of the disability and federal programs that our country possesses. I want to improve the quality of life for those with disabilities unable to care for themselves.  

I am a firm supporter of the Community Choice Act and I’m passionate about passing a version of the CLASS Act to help families with disabled members so they can function independently, financially and personally.

Kirsten doesn’t have significant disability or medical experts on staff. It is not part of her platform.

I believe that our 15,000 military contractors in Iraq need to be immediately removed. We are supposed to be out of Iraq and this is unacceptable. I also feel we need to withdraw from Afghanistan and mainly work with other nations on keeping Pakistan stable as well as continued pressure on Iran from becoming aggressive towards Israel.

One the most pressing issues is to short circuit chronic combat redeployment which is not being aggressively pursued by the Senate Armed Services committee including Senator Gillibrand! I spent 6 years in the US Army and feel that I can better serve on this committee than her.

Kirsten Gillibrand sits on the Senate Armed Services committee, yet she has not taken a public stand on the chronic redeployment issue. Could it be because she is ranked number 2 when it comes to getting lobby money from the defense aerospace industry in 2012, according to
A US Senator should not be allowed to sit on a committee and receive money from that industry’s lobbying group. I am in favor of bringing back the Glass Steagall Act. Kirsten Gillibrand is funded by Wall Street. Commericial banks love Gillibrand. In 2010, commercial banks sent more money to Gillibrand than any other US Senator. Securities and Investment lobbyist also love Gillibrand, making her the number 1 recipient of Wall Street money.

I will represent the truthful side of all issues as a citizen politician with no multi-national corporate influence. I am for immediately amending the "Bush era tax cuts" to people making $500,000 and above.

Small businesses also need tax relief; this is why I would propose tax relief that will cut the rate for businesses making $500,000 or less.

We could offset thtis tax burden with a tax increase for individuals making more than $500,000. We also need to cut spending.

Kirsten Gillibrand voted against raising the debt-ceiling and voted for tax cuts for the rich along with other Republicans. She has not authored any legislation that would help small businesses.

On July 1st, the interest rate for Stafford student loans will double to 6.8 percent. I want to put a cap of 3 percent on all student loans - subsidized, unsubsidized, graduate and undergraduate loans.

I understand what it is like to pay student loans because my family still is paying back student loans from my days in medical school.

We also need better deferment plans that will help students enter this fragile job market. The Higher Education Act was written in 1965 and it needs to be updated. One of my first jobs in the US Senate would be to write the higher education act of 2013.

She hasn’t written a bill and she hasn't come out for capping interest on student loan rates or student loan reform.
Our energy policy needs to prioritize residential and commercial energy conservation. We must reduce our energy footprint and can’t depend on fossil fuels for our future. Geothermal, solar and wind energy should be suited best for the diverse regions of our country. We also need to preserve land for agricultural production and consider additional land use for wind, solar and geothermal use. Kirsten Gillibrand has taken massive amounts of lobby money from the world’s worst polluters. Perhaps that is why she hasn’t written any legislation that correctly regulates the gas and oil industries.