Goals and Priorities

Job Creation

Everyone running says this but revamping SBA loans so money is available to start small businesses is crucial; BTW, Paychex was started by Tom Golisano with $3000 and is now a billion dollar plus corporation I wrote a proposed Bill to expand small business loans for many more people.


Adequate funding of educational institutions K-12 is a priority. I think a National voucher to make Community College/ Associate Degrees free is the jump starter we need and will reach more people. I wrote a significant proposed amendment to the Higher Education Act of 1965 capping student loans at 3% and ending compounding interest during forbearance and deferment periods.

Military Readiness and Vet Issues

Being military ready but cutting waste at the same time is not a present science; they stink at this in Congress; Providing adequately for Vets once they leave active duty and ensuring safety while on active duty is substandard presently.

Minimum wage/Living Wage

 Living wages are too rare and people just can't pay their bills. Getting companies to pay living wages for other than starter jobs is a way to grow the middle class again. Better education at the high school level on financial management is sorely needed. 

Balance business/environmental regulation and overregulation

Our environment is taking a hit from the current administration policy; I am for banning fracking federally. I am for business regulations that make sense and scrappiing ones that are painfully obviously ridiculous.

End corporate control of Lobbying and Elections

The corporate media and corporate donors  pick our candidates along with the Party National and State Chairs in many cases. We need to allow the public to vet the initial slate of candidates more openly and allow underfunded candidates the ability to compete.