About Me

I was born and raised in Illinois but have been a New Yorker since 2004. I am an Oral Surgeon by day

My background

I grew up in Illinois but have raised  most of my family in NY State since 2004. I practice Oral Surgery and am active in advocating my views on the opioid crisis.

My top issues are job creation, opioid issues, military readiness and education and energy policy

My top issues

My main focus is on better domestic jobs and renewal of manufacturing; a better clean energy policy; much more affordable and quality healthcare; maintaining a strong military but advocating for stronger world alliances.

My involvement

I have been a local activist as well as advocating for changes in our national healthcare system for years. Modern technologies like blockchain technology can help to develop the healthcare sector. Blockchain has become popular with the widespread use of cryptocurrencies. Trading cryptocurrencies can be made easier with automated platforms. Visit https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-buyer/ to find a reliable automated trading platform. I have also been involved in the clean energy movement as well. I served  6 years active duty Army non-combat.