Action Needed NOW!

Healthcare and Military Issues

Premiums for individuals and small businesses are NOT affordable. We need a single payer system like the VA or Medicare that works for all Americans. We also need better diet and exercise habits to bring the overall cost down when possible. This should also be more accessible at the community level.

Senator Gillibrand has been ineffective on the Senate Armed Services Committee and we need to protect and provide for our active duty and vets more than what is being done. It is usually a 'mop-up' instead of having foresight to their realtime needs and being less antagonistic to the leadership as she has been.  We also need a declaratory policy regarding an attack on one of our strategic space satellites.

Opioid Crisis

Most solutions offered are increases in rehab and throwing money at the crisis as well as 'safe injection sites' for heroin users. I think the two main areas of immediate action needed are better mandatory prescribing practices and a new American Medical Board Specialty in Chronic Pain Management. A National Pharmacy Narcotic Database is also needed.

Job Creation and Environment

Jobs in the clean energy industry are still largely untapped and need massive expansion. Also, If you have a legitimate business to start, it should not be as difficult getting loans started as it is currently. I would work with Congress and the banks to change small business loan programs into a more user friendly system. I also would bring back Glass-Steagall and would get rid of or modify small business regulations that are harmful or cumbersome, while at the same time protecting the public. All of this can be done without polluting our environment with fossil fuels.


We need to pay for community college nationally with a voucher system and therefore in some cases pay for all the college some people need and half of the degree for people neediing a bachelor's degree and beyond. There are many fields where an Associate's degree is all one needs to excel in a job or small business. We also need to allow communities to have better control of how they teach their kids in school vs national 'cookie-cutter' programs that benefit billion dollar corporations.

The President, The Congress: Like What You See?

We need to repeal and replace all the corporate Democrats and Republicans in Congress and get back to a focus on working class issues. We need to use our tax dollars more wisely but yet not throw the poor and disenfranchised under the bus.

How can this work?

Elect problem solvers like me with no ties to corporations; Volunteer to get me on the ballot next Spring and completely disrupt the pay to play system in DC.  

I will run if people will support a NON PARTY PICK like me.