Education Reform

Students first

As practical as possible, school should take into account differences in ability, interest, economic status and mental well-being when teaching, especially through middle school. Obviously, there needs to be some standard starting points for courses with the goal of getting as many students interested, involved and enjoying the learning process.

No Cookie-Cutter programs

No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top and other corporately based standardized curriculum are programs that have miserably failed and fail a significant portion of the student population. More control is needed at the local level based on community and individual student needs. 

Better pay for paraprofessionals

I can't count how many paraprofessional like teacher's aides live at or below the poverty line and barely make ends meet. We entrust our kids to these folks and they deserve better.

Work on thinning the top

I've seen schools that are massively top heavy with assistant prinicipals and executives at the expense of regular teacher salaries due to budget constraints.